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I'm going to Vegas next week, and I want to stay sinless in Sin City. Specifically, I'm trying not to over eat (I'm not on Atkins or anything -- just counting calories). I'll be staying at the Luxor for seven days, and I won't have a car. I'm going to stock up on protein bars. What other strategies do you recommend? Is there actually ANYWHERE on (or near) the strip where on can get a healthy meal?
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you can get big salads everywhere there, and some of the buffets have great healthy options (usually passed-by by most). I'd hit the hotel coffee shops (they all have 24-hour ones), probably, or the more expensive restaurants.
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Some of these look like they're near the strip.
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A number of years ago, locals recommended the buffet at the Rio. Huge salad bar, endless sushi...
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there is really nice dim sum place in the venetian... dim sum is kinda healthy right?
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thanks for the answers so far. Odinsdream, I love Indian food, but I've never thought of it as calorie-light. Is it? It always tastes so rich and so many of the dishes are cooked in creamy sauces.
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by exercising portion control most meals should be fine. just avoid deserts and junk food.
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I'll actually be in Las Vegas next weekend too - it's my third time going, and I can tell you from expeirence that it won't be too hard for you to get a healthy meal. Most of the big casino/hotels all have a LOT of eating options (whether it's restaurants, take out fast food type places, or buffets), and you can get whatever you want pretty much 24 hours a day.
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as a furrener that has to go work in the states from time to time, this question seems to apply everwhere. what i do is get sandwiches from subway with neither cheese nor meat, but all the veggies. they're pretty good, and not too expensive. presumably there's a subway in las vegas.
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Many LA- and SF-based restaurants are opening sister restaurants in the Vegas. They would have balanced, healthy (and tasty!) meals I'm sure. Here is a list of heart-healthy restaurants in Vegas and here is a list of healthy/raw food places. Seriously - there are really amazing restaurants in Vegas and other than the stereotypical all-you-can-eat buffet, the upscale restaurants wouldn't bat an eye at your healthy requests.
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These are all great suggestions, thanks. What I'm REALLY hoping someone will say is, "there's a secret supermarket just beingd the Hilton and they even have a microwave where you can warm things up!" But I doubt that's going to happen.

socialdrinker, are you going to NAB? I'm speaking at the Post-Production World Conference there.
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I'd add that there's a Chipotle on the strip (right above the Mickey D's).

Here's a surprisingly work-safe link I found: raw foods & vegetarian restaurants in las vegas via the Las Vegas Massage Service (they appear to be legit, not a "rub and tug" - weird). I'll leave the distance metrics from the Luxor up to you.

By the way, the Luxor-Hilton walk would take an hour, given distance, crowds and the inability to readily cross the street any time you please.
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scinag, i will have to be near the Hilton every day, anyway. The convention center is right next door. I figure I'll just take a cab there each morning and get another one back each night. So I can eat in the Hilton area or in the Luxor area. And I'm un opposed to walking.

To bad about the massage service: nothing like eating Tofu and getting serviced at the same time.
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There are some healthy supermarkets listed here. Whole Foods always have microwaves, in my experience. I don't know where that is in relation to the Hilton though.
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I saw something on Food Network about a thai resteraunt that was off the strip. Little hole in the wall place that was supposed to have some of the best thai food on the west coast. Ask around.
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I think it was Komol Thai.
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I just got back from Vegas last week and I stayed at the Luxor, too. They have a very decent buffet down there - I ate there three times in a row. Large salad bar and also some unusual things like couscous salad, plain pasta with marinara, make your own burrito-bar with plain tortillas, fresh salsa, fresh eggs and omelets for breakfast, all sorts of stuff. I was really surprised at the variety they had. Also, the Hamada in the Luxor is excellent and we found a very good Indian restaurant in the Hawaiian Market between the MGM and the Aladdin. In the back of the mall at the Aladdin there is Todai - a wonderful sushi/seafood buffet.
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Ah yes, the annual pilgrimage to NAB :) I'll be there too -- I'm posting in this thread just so I can quickly find it later for myself ... I've already got a long list of things worth checking out, alas few near Strip and I will be car-less again this year.
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There's a lot of fantastic food in Vegas, and much of it is healthy. If you're looking to get off the strip, go to Maryland Parkway. There are plenty of restaurants and supermarkets there as well (after all, Vegas does have lots of locals).
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In order to cater to Japanese tourists, almost every hotel now has a japanese/sushi restaurant. I remember the one in the Bellagio being very good. This is a healthy option, and if you stick with udon or soba, not too expensive.
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