What is an infant feeder?
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What is an infant feeder? My wife's former boss (mid 60's I guess) said that when she had her kid she didn't wake up in the night to feed him, she just hooked an infant feeder up to his crib and put some formula and rice cereal in it and the baby would feed himself. It sounds like something a hamster drinks out of, but for babies. I have googled and not been able to find anything but this picture that I am not sure is what this lady was talking about. Do you know what this thing is and can you tell me about it?
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I have to believe that she's totally messing with you
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She's got to be joking.
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You've been had Mr. ¢.
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Well, somebody did file a patent in 1959 for an automatic infant feeder.
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We found the 1 week diaper to be really helpful as well.

...Yes, you've been had.
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I'm not as certain you've been had. At least not totally. That is indeed an infant feeder, and it looks to me almost exactly like what I'd always seen in antique shops marked as an invalid feeder.

Here's a link which may give you more info: American Collectors of Infant Feeders

I do think she had to have been kidding about the baby feeding himself, but maybe not???
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Well, there are definitely a couple of ads on this page for devices that look like they're designed to be left in the crib with the baby. Maybe not overnight, but still, it looks possible.
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Hahahaha! This reminds me of an episode of Scrubs where the Janitor thinks babies belong in cages because he was caged as a baby. Oh my. You've been had.
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My mother had a "bottle holder" made of a wire structure, surrounded by some kind of vinyl and with an elastic band. It looks somethat like mmmbacon's link. You could put formula and rice cereal into a bottle, and the adjustable contraption held the food right at the correct height for the baby to feed itself.
It was pretty common in those times, no one ever remarked on it.
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And there is this, from (apparently) a 1933 issue of Modern Mecanix (see top-right image)
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This woman has described this device to several different people at different times. She is also not the make-up-a-crazy-story-to-mess-with-people type.
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Found more. Searching old magazines for "bottle holder" brings up quite a few results.

From 1909



and 1950
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I'm guessing none of you have multiples or know parents with multiples...

Bebe Bottle Sling | Bottle Genie | Pacifeeder | Podee
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I know of a mom (online) who used a podee to do exactly this at night, except with pumped breastmilk. I'm sure it's not an approved use of the podee but there you go. And I'm not talking ancient history here, this is within the last 3 years.
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FWIW, variations on this theme are still marketed everywhere. Podee -- Pacifeeder -- Bottle sling -- Baba Buddy
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And a way to start your kids on the road to future success in games of Edward Forty Hands.
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and, a bit beyond your question, maybe-friends of mine took the Podee and modded it, because the Podee is pretty awesome, except the tubing is WAY too short-so they made their own. And all three of their kids have used it. It's a joy to feed a kid with it-when the kid is a tiny tiny one and you're holding the thing in his mouth instead of the entire bottle, and later when he's holding it in there himself. Also, that you can feed at a better angle. My friends never used it as a feed-and-leave-the-baby-alone, which I gather is the big criticism of these sorts of things. But it is great to have another hand and/or a slightly more ergonomic angle for both baby AND baby-feeding-adult.
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Could she have meant that she didn't feed the baby, as in cereal with a spoon, but instead used a cereal feeder like this?
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As others pointed out, this did exist, but I would bet they went out of fashion because babies were choking in the night.
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[few more comments removed, this is not the place for you to try out your parenting humor]
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