MIDI keyboard connection for dummies
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I just bought one of these keyboards (finally). I want to use it in FL Studio. How?

I have NO experience with things MIDI, and after reading the instruction book I still have no idea. I need the theory explained in layman's terms. Because I've got this really nice thing and I can't use it :( I am using the USB connection.
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not many settings to mess with when you're sending midi information to a vst in FL. Once you have the drivers for you USB to midi thing setup, i'm pretty sure you can pretty much start playing and it shuold work. It's pretty much plug and play with my setup. I use a juno106 as both a sound module and a midi controller. I also have a usb midi hookup.

If it doesnt work, i'll fire up FL and plug in my juno and i can go through it with you. But seriously, not very much to mess with, FL is a simple program like that ^_^.
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Congrats! Plug it in and install any drivers it came with. In FL Studio, choose Options up top and make sure "enable MIDI remote control" is checked. Choose Options again and select MIDI settings. Under remote control input, choose your keyboard (it should be listed in the pulldown). It may also be listed under "controller type" but if not choose "generic."

Now in the pattern editor, insert a new instrument such as "FL Keys". This will load the built-in FL keyboard instrument. Hit keys on your keyboard, and with any luck, you should hear beautiful sound...

To the left of master volume up top, there is a tiny LED light that says "MIDI". This should light up any time you hit a key on your keyboard. If it does not, then FL Studio is not receiving MIDI signals, and you'll need to change MIDI settings.

On preview, EvilKenji is right -- it should be extremely easy to get this working. Have fun!
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Thanks. Do I need to worry about ports or channels? It isn't working and I have done all of the things above. It seems as if it should be easy but no love and I am getting frustrated. Grr.
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It isn't working and I have done all of the things above.

None of it is working? Can you select the midi input in the options menu? Is the MIDI light flashing? How far exactly have you got?

Also - have you opened any other MIDI applications first? Midi devices don't like being shared. Make sure Fruity loops is the only thing running.

In terms of ports / channels - for general playing, no. What ever FL track is selected, the MIDI will play though.
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my PCR-30 (32-key variant of the 80) shows up as three separate devices in most environments when connected via usb. it appears as "USB Audio Device", "USB Audio Device [2]" and "USB Audio Device [3]"

if you want to get the midi data that's generated by playing the actual keys/knobs on the PCR, you'll need to select the second one ( [2] ) in whatever application/environment you're using. the other two are used for the midi in/out ports on the keyboard.

of course, I never installed the official Edirol drivers, so I don't know how it may differ if you have.
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Phew, got it to work. Most fun EVAR. Thanks for your help everyone.
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That's a nice controller.
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