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Scrivener keeps turning my footnotes into end notes. Help?

I'm new to Scrivener and not very good at technology. I also want my footnotes to live at the bottom of each page, corresponding to the text they explain. When I compile my paper, Scrivener shunts all the footnotes to a single end notes page at the end of the document. Whether I export to PDF or Word, the footnotes magically turn into end notes. I tried messing around with the "Compile" settings and all I managed to do was change the font to Courier. Can you explain to me like I'm your grandma how to make my footnotes go where I want them?
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Best answer: It doesn't sound like Scrivener can do this with a PDF.

I'm not having any trouble doing this with a .doc file, though. What does it say in your compile settings on the "Footnotes/Comments" tab? Are both of the "Export footnotes as endnotes" options de-selected?
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(Note: I am assuming that you are using Scrivener 2.)
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Response by poster: Aha! I got it to work using .doc instead of .docx format. This'll work if I can't figure out how to do it in .docx or pdf format, but I'd love to hear other suggestions too.

And yep, Scrivener 2.0.2, on a Mac.
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If I try to do it with .docx, I get a message that Scrivener has to strip a lot of the formatting due to the limitations of the "basic system-provided OSX exporters." So you might be out of luck with .docx. Hopefully .doc will do what you want.

In the event that nobody here can think of an alternative, Scrivener's forum is among the fastest, most helpful software support forums I've ever seen. They're incredibly fast and helpful.
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