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Planless cell phone coverage: I am going to be travelling to the Eastern Shore of Maryland (specifically, Kent County) in a couple of weeks and would like to get a cheap disposable cell phone just for the trip.

Staples has a T-mobile for $100 with $50 off and a $30 rebate, but it doesn't look like the coverage is all that good. Virgin and Tracfone seem to show the same coverage as T-mobile, but lots of people in the area have cells (I called a buddy and asked what phone he has, it was a Verizon). Anyone had experience in Rock Hall, Chestertown or Kennedyville, MD? I don't know how coverage works, are there agreements between companies to share towers, or does everyone have to build their own?
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Virgin uses the Sprint network, so if you know anyone in the area with one of those, coverage will be similar. Don't know about the others.

In general, there are usually several completely separate networks in a given area, although occasionally two companies will share a tower, though still with separate equipment. In the US, the major national carriers each have their own physical network that covers a lot of the country. The rest is made up of small local networks which are let out to one or more national carriers (I think).
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No idea about cell coverage there, but Kent county is great. I've ridden bikes in/near Chestertown and Rock Hall. Very pretty area, Waterman's restaurant in Rock Hall is place to go if you like soft shell crabs.
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