I seem to have misplaced my nailgun. Please help me find it.
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I want to play Quake 1 on an XP machine and where did all those crazy maps go?

I'm embarrassed to be asking for help with this. (Swallows pride) Step by step and websites for maps would be awesome.
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I would suggest using an engine replacement like Dark Places, where you just install it and tell it where the quake mission data is, as the original engine is showing it's age. For future reference on any of the old iD games, this page has methods of compatibility for all the games in the iD super pack that came out on steam, but the techniques they show you are still applicable if you scrounge up your old quake 2 cds or something like that.
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Thanks, I was failing miserably at running it from the command prompt like I used to. Did anyone keep a warehouse of the old user generated maps? (apologies for the tardiness of my reply, I was suffering a plague of family and work Christmas (er holiday) parties).
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