What is this thing called Zune?
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Unexpected Holiday Gift: Someone got me a Zune HD! Problem. I already own an ipod Nano and know next to nothing about Zune. What can the Zune do that my nano can't? How do you use yours? What does the Zune do well? Any tips or trips or strange things/ 3rd party applications I can use?
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Hmm, well the most obvious difference is it has an HD radio. Although I mostly use the radio at the gym to tune into those things where they rebroadcast the TV sound over a radio channel.

There's also Zune Pass, which is a subscription service, not sure if the iProducts have an equivalent.

Those are the 2 main differences I know of. I use the Zune software as my music organization tool as well, and it integrates nicely with my 360, fwiw. I assume this benefit would also carry over to a Windows Phone now that they have Zune.

Mostly though I use it the same way someone would use an iPod.
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Oh, and since it integrates with your Live ID, if you have one (say from XBox Live) there's all sorts of social stuff around sharing likes / playlists / looking at what music people watch, etc. Predates but is similar to Ping, but slightly more useful because of the XBox Live angle (meaning people are more likely to actually be on it).
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full discolure: i've owned every version of Zune EXCEPT the HD.

in essence its a full featured ipod from MS. i've had 3 iterations of it and would consider myself a fan. i find the interface very fast and sleek, and the player well focused on, well, playing....

it does have games, and an app store etc (plus integrated things like facebook and twitter). as wildcrdj states it integrates well the xbox etc.

the zune pass is awesome: $14.95 a month, download and consume all you want (while your subscription is active) AND 10 free tracks that you OWN if you cancel your sub. plus you dont have to download, you can stream (both in the zune app and on a website)

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