Russian government oversight boards
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In Russia's recent past or present, have there been any anti-corruption government oversight committees that had any real power to penalize corrupt Russian politicians?

(For story research purposes.)

I understand that many of Russia's government officials are highly corrupt and untouchable, and that it is not a simple matter by any means. But I'm curious as to whether there have ever been any boards/positions/committees formed by Russian officials, with the intention of holding politicians accountable for questionable or illegal behavior.

Have any of these boards ever had any power to penalize corruption at the highest levels (even for a short time before they were abolished?)

I know very little about Russian politics, so please humor me. I expect the answer to be "no," so let me just ask: has there ever been even serious TALK about creating such a committee? Or are there plans to form such a committee in the near future?

Lastly, what might this committee be called?

Any links or information will be most appreciated. Thanks!
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Read Virtual Politics to learn how they pretend to care about corruption.
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Definitely not. The Russian Federation was compromised from the get-go, in this regard. Corruption is not so much a problem as the status quo.
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The answer is no, of course. There has been plenty of anti-corruption talk in Russia, and some action as well. But I doubt if it can be considered "serious". Have a look here (OECD), here (Ria Novosti) and here (Russia Today).
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