One thousand euros - the bathroom, now...
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Trying to indentify a film I saw just 10 minutes of yesterday, before falling asleep (was on RTE2 in Dublin). First scene was a tall blonde in a short dress talking to a short dark haired guy on a bridge over the Seine, about debts owed to a gangster ("30, 35....make it 50 thousand"). Cut to nightclub where the blonde makes 1000 euros a time taking 'gentlemen' to the bathrooms whilst the guy gets drunk at the bar. There was no sex... just scenes of the original guy getting progressively more and more drunk. The film was relatively recent judging by the nightclub music - but in beautiful black and white... I'd love to see the movie in it's entirety. I checked RTE's website, but it only has listings for today onwards... I'm leaving Dublin this evening - and I cannot find a newspaper from yesterday.
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Let's try that again:

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That's it... Luc Besson, I should have guessed. Merci!
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Seconding Angel-A - it's a fantastic film. Enjoy.
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...and with a ravishing soundtrack by Anja Garbarek, too.
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