Help me track my time
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Looking for a time-tracking program that I can use both on my laptop and on an iPod Touch.

I'm looking for a tool that can do the following things:
-Track multiple projects and subprojects
-Work both on my laptop and iPod Touch
-Generate summaries

It would be nice if it could do the following:
-Import Google Calendar
-Use a timer to start/stop work

I strongly prefer a free service, but if it doesn't exist, cheap is fine.

I tried Klok, and it doesn't have an associated web-based platform/iPod app. I also tried Toggl, but it doesn't have subprojects. Harvest looks nice but it's not free.
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Which OS is running on the laptop?
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Windows 7
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There's a time-tracking web app Tsheets, which also has an iPhone app. It's free for a single user, and there are various paid plans for companies. But you may need to be on paid plan to get all the reporting options you want.

I used it for a while and it should tick most if not all your boxes.
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The app I was going to suggest (HoursTracker) doesn't use calendar data and doesn't do subprojects per se either, so that's probably out. Still might be worth asking: would it be sufficient to use an iTouch app that simply exports CSV data so that you could generate whatever reports you like with Excel?
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When I was consulting, I used and loved Time Master. The sub-projects, report exporting, ability to set different rates for different clients/projects, and tap-timer were all killer features.

You might not find it useful vis-a-vis "work on my laptop" though? Not sure what you have in mind there.
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