What options do I have for a Windows 7 install/upgrade?
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What options do I have for a Windows 7 install/upgrade?

Working on my dad's laptop which is currently running Windows XP and is ridden with spyware. I would like to partition the drive and install Windows 7 on the new partition, then copy over any documents he needs (after running a virus scan on them, of course. I'm planning on picking up the Home Premium version, but do I need to get an 'upgrade' version or a 'full' version? Will the upgrade version allow me to do a full install on a separate partition?
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Please make sure that XP machine fufills the system requirements of Windows 7. You need 2 GB of RAM, and 3 GB of RAM is better, and a 1 Ghz processor. If it does not, consider backing up his data to a USB drive and redoing the Windows XP install.

Here's some facts on using Upgrade media. Microsoft says you have to stop using the operating system you upgraded from to qualify as an upgrade.

Me? I'd buy an OEM copy. It is cheaper than an upgrade and is a full version. It is tied to one machine and motherboard though. (More on OEM licensing) Call some local computer stores that build their own systems or order online.
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Windows 7 Home Premium is going to cost you about $100. A brand-spanking new laptop that will blow the doors off your dad's crusty, old, malware-riddled laptop is only $400 with Win 7 already installed. If $300 is a deal breaker, so be it. But if you can swing it, I'd upgrade the hardware and the software.
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