This American Life Episode?
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I can't remember the name of a This American Life episode and I've tried a variety of searches on their site to no avail. There was a segment about a girl whose family had no interest in her going to college. They wanted her to stay at home, get married and buy a home. She had been tops in her class in public school in the city (Chicago?) and wanted to go to college but then went to got there and was completely overwhelmed. I've been searching for two days and I just can't remember the episode. HELP!
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This was going to drive me crazy - I remember the segment so clearly. She was an intern at TAL and Ira even asked her something like whether she felt they had led her astray by telling her how important and great college is. I think hooray has it!
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That was a great episode, especially the coda where they revisit her a few years later.
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Yeah!!!! I LURVE Metafilter.
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On preview ... what hooray said (except hooray provided exact detail in place of my handwaving)
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