Is the Nook Color the hacker dream it's made out to be?
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Is a Barnes & Noble Nook Color, when properly rooted, usable as a day-to-day Android tablet?

I checked out the Nook Color in person for the first time today, and I was pretty impressed with the hardware considering the price point. I was thinking about going for a WiFi only Samsung Galaxy S Tab when it comes out, but this would suit me just fine.

I've seen lots of reviews of the process and videos on YouTube, but can any MeFites offer a personal recommendation as to whether rooting this device is more of a fun technical oddity or something more? I love Android, so if it can be anywhere near as functional as my Droid X, I'm sold.
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Not yet.
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This and this is about as good as it gets, for now.
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I have recently completed the process (as in yesterday). I've been using the device all day today. I play Angry Birds on it. I check my email. My Google voice. I read some comic books and manga this afternoon. Of the apk's I've loaded on it I would say that 9/10 of the are working. Their is a apk on the Xda forum that gives you the four keys you need that the nook color is missing.

It's the best tablet you are going to get for under $300 bucks. I have tried the Archos 70 as well.
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