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I am trying to figure out how to get to this timeline part of Google (in this example, it is following the space program) from the Google main page. I originally got this page from a previous mefite's cool post about history of rock and roll and plugged in my own terms. I tried getting to this point from the homepage....when I type in "Google Timeline" it gives me a timeline to search newspapers. If anyone has wisdom, let me know. I really like this tool but want to explain to others how to get to this page rather than have them plug and play from my link. Thanks!
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Best answer: Go to Google News Archive search and enter your query. Then when you get the search results, at the top is a gray line with "News Archive News Articles - Timeline". Click "Timeline".
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Best answer: On the results page, on the left, click on 'More Search Tools' then Timeline.
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It's odd, but I don't think you can get there "from the Google main page." It used to be that from Google News, you could click "News Archive search", and then Advanced Archive search, which would give you the timeline. But for some reason Google is hiding this, and you need the direct link JJ86 provides above. (Google's own help page on this still says that there's a News Archive link on the News page, but there's not.)
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Best answer: Oops, I forgot to take my email address out
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Response by poster: Thanks! That was very helpful.
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