Who else sells shipping boxes?
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I need some shipping boxes for larger items. Unfortunately I only need one or two, so it doesn't make sense to buy from Uline. And the freebies from the grocery/liquor store aren't appropriate. Is there a more affordable vendor than an office supply or specialty shipping store for this stuff? Thanks!
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I've had luck driving behind stores at the local strip mall. Can find a ton of boxes in all shapes and sizes. Good tip for moving too.
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Try a print shop or photo copy store...they go through lots of those cardboard boxes with lids and are happy to give them away.
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I recently moved and found that home depot sold moving boxes much cheaper than you could get from Uhaul etc--individual small moving boxes were less than a dollar each.
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I see you ruled out office supply stores but I'll throw in Staples anyway. I just bought two there today that were 24 x 12 x 16. They were $4.00 each in the store.
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Check out your local branch of united van lines. They should have some cheaper boxes than uhaul.
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Pretty much every retail store receives lots of shipments in boxes. Go to a mall and visit the appropriate store for the size you need. If you need something larger than a breadbox but smaller than a microwave, try a bookstore. Bigger than that, try Sears. Find someone who works near a door to the back room and ask them nicely if you could have a box.
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Oh, and go near the middle of the day on a weekday, after they've unpacked yesterday's shipment but before they've taken the boxes out to recycling.
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Local moving companies usually re-sell used boxes and things like bubble wrap and packing paper, in addition to their new stock. Sturdy un-branded boxes, used once, in an assortment of sizes. Cheap, no dumpster diving, and in the amount you need (although you may need to buy a new one if there doesn't happen to be any of that size used on-hand at the time).
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Nearly every day on Craigslist in the free section where we live, someone has free boxes left over from moving posted.
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nthing check the Craigslist free section.
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Check your yellow pages for Storage Units & U-Haul-type centers. Both generally sell packing materials.
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Nthing Craigslist and also freecycle (you can ask for something you need). How big are we talking about here? Container Store has boxes too.
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I'm guessing these are too small for your needs, but USPS has free boxes.
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U haul has a forum to pass on used box's.
Also, appliance store's will have HUGE box's that you can get and cut down to size.
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Your friendly neighborhood bookstore will have more boxes than it knows what to do with.
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Any large retailer, such as Best Buy, etc., will be more than happy to give you boxes for free. Just head around to the shipping department where large items are picked up, and ask.
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When we moved, the best boxes turned out to be apple boxes from the local grocer's produce section. Some lucky soul has to crush them every day, so just ask and you'll be doing them a favor.

Most of these boxes had a nice, fitted lid and were very strong.
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