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NFL on the go: I'm going to be on Amtrak's Acela from NYC to Boston on Monday night. I want to be able to watch the Monday Night Football game between the Jets and the Patriots. The Acela has wifi, and I'll have my laptop. I will also have my Droid phone. Is there any way for me to watch the game live? Thanks.
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Probably not, unless you are clever. I rode the Acela yesterday, and they do their best to block streaming audio and video. If you can find something they aren't blocking, maybe. A number of sites I went to were blocked, and while I could load YouTube, for example, Flash on the page was blocked.
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Response by poster: I should add that I also have a Verizon wireless USB modem which I can use, too, though I'm not sure if it's speedy enough. But in any event, does that change the equation, procrastination?
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Do you know anyone who could slingbox it to you? Then you could use your phone.

Acela wifi is awesome, but its pretty limited speed-wise and what they block-wise.

There's a bunch of non-US sites that have bootleg live streams of US sports but I'd be real skeptical that you get one to work reliably enough to not be infuriating on Acela wifi.

Here's another idea: over-the-air broadcast television? Could you beg/borrow/buy one of those little TVs and just watch it on TV?
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The Verizon wireless USB should have enough juice to keep the game running, although don't expect perfect reception/flawless playback. I have a slingbox and I've used my Droid as a wireless hotspot to watch it on the train. Without a Slingbox, I would use either atdhe.net or justin.tv to watch the game. It'll probably be on one of those sites. Over-the-air programming won't work. Monday night football is now on ESPN, and I don't think their internet channel, espn3, broadcasts Monday Night Football.
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Although really, the best solution is to drop a couple hundred on the Slingbox now and set it up for Monday. Seriously, it's going to be the best $250 or so you ever spent. Has saved me in countless sports-related jams.

(also it appears that atdhe.net is down).
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+1 for Slingbox. I use the Slingplayer on my Windows Mobile phone all the time for this sort of thing.

Orb used to do (and maybe still does) the same thing in software that the Slingbox does in hardware if you have a TV tuner card in your computer. It's been a couple of years since I used it so I can't speak from current experience, but you might want to look into this.
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Over the air TV would work, albeit in a very limited fashion. There is a free OTA broadcast of the ESPN MNF (and NFL ThNF) in the local market of the teams in the game. In NYC this is carried on WWOR-TV, there must be something in Boston as well. I think you'd be out of luck for most of the trip, though, as I don't think this rule applies to the CT/RI market, which would be the bulk of travel.

As an alternative/backup to the streaming solutions (justin.tv/slingbox/other sites), I'd bring a radio and listen to the game that way. You can use this map to find out the local affiliates that are carrying the game on AM radio. Between WFAN in NY and whatever the Boston high powered AM is that carries it, you won't have to be switching around the dial too much. I'd do this + use the ESPN game tracker to follow stats, if I couldn't get a stream to work.
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Response by poster: For the folks touting Slingbox, can you tell me a bit more about it, what it does, why I'd want it, etc.?
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Slingbox encodes TV and streams it to you using their software. I would refuse to buy one, but that's because I'm still annoyed at them for never releasing the Symbian software they said they would and suddenly deciding to charge extra for mobile clients.

If you have a TiVo or cable DVR, you can use the Slingbox to control it remotely and thus stream your recorded TV or VOD or whatever also.

HAVA also makes a similar product. I have one, but I never use it.
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Tether your Droid to your computer. It's super-easy using PDANet
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Does Amtrak know if you're streaming through an SSH tunnel? Could that work?
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Response by poster: I wound up listening to the radio broadcast online (via ESPN). Bandwidth was too poor to get any tv options to work.
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