iTunes University on Android
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Has anyone had success in subscribing to iTunes University podcasts on their Android device?

I have tried to use Google Listen, Beyond Pod, and Doggcatcher, yet all three of these programs are not able to interpret the links that iTunes directs you to when you select "copy link" from the iTunes software interface.

I suppose alternatively, is there a way to form the iTunes URL to be a valid feed that any of these podcast programs can interpret? I am on Android 2.1, Samsung Galaxy.
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The problem is the link you get from the "copy link" is a link to the iTunes web page that outlines the course/topic/etc, and not an actual atom or rss feed.
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Is there a way to extract the actual rss feed?
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It's been a while since I've messed with itunesU, but I don't think they are true podcasts, from what I could tell it seemed to be proprietary itunes only type thing.

If you are at the university you're trying to subscribe to, let the tech/web people know, cause 1) they need to hear that its not meeting your needs and 2) there may be a more standard, accessible type feed or direct download page (and there are several ways to make a static page into a podcast feed, like feed43).
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I haven't tried it with iTunesU content, but Feed Flipper might help. They have another service for building feeds with SoundCloud content that works perfectly.
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Yeah, feedflipper was a negative with iTunes U :(
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Have you tried subscribing on your computer, then right click on the podcast in iTunes, and get the RSS/XML feed from the properties, then email it to your phone, and copy-and-paste it into your prefered Podcast app?
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I get songs onto my android device using isyncr, which syncs with itunes playlists. If you had your podcasts in a playlist, this could work. It's not free, and the wireless sync is an extra dollar, but I'm happy with it.
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