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We have plenty of Minnesota residents here, right? I just moved to Minnesota a few months ago and am now purchasing a new vehicle (well, used) but need to transport it from Iowa.

I'm buying a car from my dad, and can't find any information on whether it needs to be insured right from the get go when I drive the car back to Minnesota to register it. Also, the Driver's License station told me that I don't need a Minnesota driver's license to register a vehicle in Minnesota, but figured she meant a vehicle already registered in another state. I've looked at information online for this, but between the lady at the DLS and the information available online I'm a little confused. (I still have my Iowa DL and Iowa registered car that is becoming shittier by the second)

Can anyone give me a definitive detail on what I need to do? I've asked people I know here, already, but I just get more confused because they don't know, themselves.

And, it's a 1987 Buick Regal. If that matters.
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65B.48 Reparation security compulsory.

Subdivision 1. General requirement and coverages. Every owner of a motor vehicle of a type which is required to be registered or licensed or is principally garaged in this state shall maintain during the period in which operation or use is contemplated a plan of reparation security under provisions approved by the commissioner, insuring against
loss resulting from liability imposed by law for injury and
property damage sustained by any person arising out of the ownership, maintenance, operation or use of the vehicle.

You need to have insurance upon driving the car into the State.
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Neat, guess I'll just plan on not getting pulled over.
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I mean, on the drive back from picking it up.
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You can get insurance before you leave (at least basic liability).
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If you call your insurance agent and give her the VIN number of your new used car, she can insure you over the phone. Why chance an uninsured accident just to save a few cents?
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If you have coverage currently, and acquire a new vehicle, you should have a period of time (10-30 days or so) after buying the vehicle to actually get the new information to your insurance company. In most cases the new vehicle is covered from the time of purchase.

This information may vary depending on your insurer and state and local regulations.
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By the way, I am not from Minnesota, but do work for an insurance company.
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And I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night. Drinking Pepsi.
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Pepsi Blue?
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