Help find a suitable toy for Oscar the Destroyer
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Seeking recommendations for stuffing-free plush dog toys that don't have any "removable" parts.

I have a five-year-old lhasa mix who only likes stuffed animal toys. He has a ton of fun playing with them, and since he's a kind of serious dog, I like to give him toys for him to play. The problem is, he is very good at finding the seams immediately, ripping out the stitches, and pulling out the stuffing (and squeaker). I've bought him the "Crazy Critters" dog toys that don't have stuffing, which have been a lot better than ones with stuffing, but still have issues. The reason they're good is that other than the face and feet, there are no seams that he can find because of the fuzzy "fur" on the toy. However, he still rips off the face, ears, and feet of the toy and I have to take them away because he'll start to eat the parts he rips off.

The stiffer, sturdier stuffed toys that are rated for big, tough dogs don't hold up against Oscar, either. His tiny teeth are perfect for meticulous disassembly.

Are there any toys that are made from the same type of fuzzy stuff, but are basically just stuffing-free, featureless tubes? Squeakers are fine, because he likes them, but not required. I know that no toy is indestructible, because he'll eventually chew holes in them over time, but at least he won't be able to find the seams and methodically rip out each stitch with his teeth like a seam ripper.
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You might actually want to look at Etsy and if nothing is available - then post on the forums. This sounds super easy for someone to whip up pretty quickly and cheaply. If you find nothing then shoot me a memail after xmas. (I am crazy busy until xmas or I would do it now. I love dogs.)
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My aunt's used to carry a dog toy that was just a tube of lambswool. No squeaker, no accessible seams. The closest I can find is this assortment but I know she had one that was bone shaped, and one that was just a tube. They do exist!
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You want the Kong brand Wubba. My rottie loves to dismantle toys from the inside out, and this is the one toy that she can squeak and kill, chew and throw and dismantle without any issues from her humans at all. Hell, she even does yoga with this damn toy.
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Our little terrier loves ripping through stuffed animals. I've found the best soft toys are fleece. They are soft but not easy to rip. You can even make your own.
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Back in my poor-as-a-churchmouse days, I used to give my dogs socks stuffed with other socks and then tied off at the end. I don't see why you couldn't make the outer sock one of those nice plushy ones.
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I just found the perfect thing for my vizsla puppy. Its a plush toy with a pocket and there are plush removable squeakers in the inside. They have differnet toys- I picked the platypus with eggs. The plus is that they think they are ripping it open and taking out the insides, but in fact its designed that way. when they get the squeakers out you cn just put them back in.
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