Wireless 360 solution on the cheap
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Are there any cheap & easy alternatives to the official Microsoft wireless adapter for the original Xbox 360?

In my new apartment, the wireless (802.11g) router is upstairs, and my Xbox 360 is down. Are there any good alternatives to the official MS wireless adapter? Does anybody know of any third-party usb adapters which are proven to work? Could I just buy another cheapo wireless G router, and use it as an access point downstairs with my 360? Something else I'm not considering....?

I'm sure this has been answered well somewhere before, but everything I'm digging up is either conflicting or just dated.

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Oh! I forgot to put "cheap" in perspective - I can buy the old MS wireless g usb adapter for around $50.
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Do you have a laptop? You could plug the Xbox into it using an ethernet cable and piggyback on its WiFi connection using Internet Connection Sharing. That's what I used to do before I got an adapter, and it worked fine.
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I just purchased an ASUS WL-330gE to use as an ethernet adapter for my receiver. It seems to work fine and was not too hard to set up. The reviews for using it with an Xbox 360 are favorable.
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When I faced the same problem, I ended up buying one of these. It doesn't save much money, but I felt better than giving it to Microsoft as a reward for that particular design decision. As well, I'm able to use the network adapter for my blu-ray player as well (not at the same time, though, there's only one plug on the adapter).

I had looked into using another router, but as far as I could tell you need something capable of acting as a bridge which generally costs a little bit more. There were some reports of buying cheap routers and flashing the firmware but that was a little involved for me.

(On preview, Quonab's device looks similar but is more affordable.)
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Could I just buy another cheapo wireless G router, and use it as an access point downstairs with my 360?

Yes. I'm running a WRT54GL with HyperWRT firmware as an Xbox 360 adapter (Xbox ethernet cable goes in one of the LAN ports) and it works very well.
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I have a router that would work. You can have it. If you're in Toronto, you could pick it up; if elsewhere, we could work out some shipping thing. You can email me at my MeFi account.
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(further from the above, which is from my GF)

it's actually the stupid proprietary 360 wifi dongle. I'm completely certain i'll never use it again. it's all yours.
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Powerline Ethernet? That's how I have my original 360 connected...
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