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NYC parking resources: Friends are driving into town as I write this, but I have no idea whether they're allowed to park on my street, or nearby streets, or not. Signage is unclear. Does anyone know whether there is a website out there that I can refer to for the skinny on parking near my place? I live off of Central Park South.
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Call 311 and ask.
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311 and Google have proven unhelpful.
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Advise them to try heading uptown a bit and look to park on one of the residential blocks. Signs there are usually clear.
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From my experiences in NYC, the general rule is, don't park anywhere a sign doesn't explicitly indicate the rules for. If there's a sign that says "no parking 7AM-7PM, M-F", it means that parking is allowed on weekends and evenings. If there's no sign at all, it probably means no parking anytime. If I recall correctly, there aren't any signs in Times Square, but everyone's smart enough to know you can't park there. Given towing and boot fees, err on the side of caution.
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With immaterial exceptions, the only street parking in or near midtown is metered and strictly limited in duration.

The best bet is to park on or near 11th or 12th Avenue (far west side), where you can find garages with reasonable 24-hour rates ($30 or so), and take a $5 cab to your place. Closer in the day rates are going to be $50 or more after tax.
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Try the following parking garages, I know they are tad south of your apt, but they might locations closer to your place too:
  • Advance, 249 West 43rd Street, 212.221.8902
  • Astor Parking Corporation, 1515 Broadway at 44th Street, 212.869.3543
  • Beggs Garage, 515 West 43rd Street, 212.564.6954
  • Central Parking System is the leading provider for parking services in the World. 11 convenient facilities located near the Javits Center.
    • 305-319 W. 33rd St. (Between 8th and 9th Avenues)
    • 444-6 10th Ave. (35th Street)
    • 445 W. 35th St. (Between 10th & Dyer Avenues)
    • 417 W. 35th St.(Between 9th and 10th Avenues)
    • 416 W. 36th St.(Between 36th and Dyer Avenues)
    • 433-9 W. 37th St.(Between 9th and 10th Avenues)
    • 485 10th Ave. (37th Street)
    • 513-521 9th Ave. (39th Street)
    • 541 W. 38th St. (Between 10th and 11th Avenues)
    • For rates and Hours of Operation call 800-836-6666.
  • Square
    , 306
    West 44th Street, 212.247.5807
  • Times
    Square Park
    , 220 West 41st Street, 212.730.1777

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Given towing and boot fees, err on the side of caution.

It cost me $350 to get my car back after it got towed in NYC a few years back. My friends say it costs over $500 now.

Err on the side of paranoia. Triple check every sign, check cars around you, flag down a cop and ask him if you're parked legally.
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Well, being cheapskates, we tried parking my friend's car on West 10th at some parking meters. We read the signs, fed the meter, went out for the evening...and got towed.

We left the car at the tow pound for a couple of days ($20 for every 24 hours you leave it there - cheap!) It cost $205 and a couple of hours with the good folks over there on West 12th to get rolling again. We're going to contest the ticket.
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