How to merge & combine .pdf to Excel pages
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How can you merge and combine imported and converted .pdf to Excel 2007pages?

I am using PDF Converter Professional version 5 to convert reports from work. My ultimate goal is to create an importable document with names, business addresses, contact names and phone numbers to SAGE Act for contact management purposes. My company is ostensibly protecting this information by giving it to us in a .pdf format, but when I found this converter I was ecstatic. It DID convert to .xls but I now have a workbook with 115 pages that I cannot seem to merge into one full page. I think I can further refine the fields and clean up the extraneous information, but am daunted with the task of combining the information page by page. Does anyone know how I can combine the individual pages into one? Microsoft and the PDF forums offer no distinct answer. (sigh)

In .pdf it looks like this:

(header here)
Company Name
................address phone ship to address bill to

....Contact name phone information I don't care about
....Contact name phone information I don't care about

Ad nauseum.
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How about converting to a Word doc or a .txt file and importing it into Excel?
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The following VBA should combine your pages together into a new worksheet:

Sub combine()
Dim wsTarget As Worksheet

Set wsTarget = Sheets.Add

For Each sh In Sheets
If sh.Index <> wsTarget.Index Then
wsTarget.Cells(wsTarget.UsedRange.Rows.Count + 1, 1).Activate

End If

Next sh
End Sub

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There is an add-in for Excel called ASAP Utilities.

It is free for individuals.

Once installed, there is a function within it to combine multiple sheets. If you decide to go this route and need more help, let me know.
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I recently faced a similar bit of idiocy.

For what it's worth, the least aggravating solution I have come up with is using pdftotext with the --layout option to dump all the data to a plain text file and then parsing it with a simple perl script.

I understand this probably doesn't mesh well with your style, but it's a problem without a good solution so you might want to consider all options.
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1.) Imported as unicode .txt, was one page but not usable. (still playing with it)

2.) The VBA macro worked, but gnarly-ish, combined into one page but skewed the information in the columns. (still playing with it)

3.) ASAP Utils-GREAT program! Sort of worked, but not completely. I tried to choose all 64 pages but it didn't like that, only combined a few...this pgm is a keeper. (still playing with it)

4.) I haven't found the perl in my oyster yet. ;-) (still playing with it)

Overall, these solutions will work-EVENTUALLY. I need to tweak the process a little. Also, I may be looking at this completely wrong, after all, I want this information imported into ACT, not necessarily as a raw Excel format. Sometimes I don't see the trees for the forest.
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