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Google-Fu fail filter: I am looking for a site that allows you to poll a targeted audience about 2 options. I think its relatively new and the pricing was very reasonable, around $5/500 responses.

All of the search results I keep getting are those shady survey scams. This site was legit, clean/modern looking and seemed targeted towards web designers, like a mini A/B test. I probably saw it advertised on a web design site, maybe Smashing Magazine but I can't find it now. I first saw it maybe a month ago.

I thought to myself at the time that I should bookmark it but... well you see how that went. Any help from the hive is is more than appreciated!
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If you have the 500 names, why not just do SurveyMonkey?
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Was it Optimizely? I saw a launch advert for it on Reddit about a month ago so it would seem to fit with your timeline.
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PickFu was the one I was thinking of, but the rest are worth looking at as well. Thanks so much!
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