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Hate the formula, love the color: other ideas for lipsticks that replicate Revlon's Just Bitten Lipstain in Gothic, which is a lovely deep blue-toned red?

I've been really getting into the red lip look (yeah, I know, about two years too late) and have been trying to find my ideal shade of red for the last few months or so.

I recently bought Revlon's Just Bitten LipStain in Gothic, which is lovely ; it's a deep red, more of a blue undertone than an orange one, and to me looks very classic--what I think of when I think of red lipstick. It made my teeth look whiter and played up my cool-toned Snow White coloring in the best way.

However, I HATE the formula of the lipstain. It dries out my lips and without the gloss, looks really flat and flaky almost. I've since bought about six different reds, looking for a close match, but none of them hit the mark--they're either too orange, too pink, too mauve, etc. Does anyone have any recommendations for another lipstick that would achieve the same look?
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I can only wear red lipstick with blue and not orange undertones, too.

Test the color on a white tissue to be sure of the hue before buying. Take the tissue sample to a window and use sunlight to determine the exact shade before buying - store provided lighting adds it's own tone and you often can't judge by that!

BTW, you can return make-up to most places if you have a receipt. Keep your receipts:)
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Have you tried Lime Crime? Retrofuturist is a very pure red -- although it's neither blue nor yellow, so it isn't exactly what you're looking for. It's the exact lipstick I think of when I think of classic red, though.
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I have a friend who swears by Tarte's Natural Lip Stains, which are kind of like crayons. I noticed it right away on her; the matte is very cute in a "bitten" sort of way (i.e. lips full of color but very little noticeable product residue). The reviews on Makeup Alley aren't great for the staying power, but it's still a 3.8. They have both glossy and matte lines; you might try Lust from the glossy line. (Apologies if I'm seeing blue undertones incorrectly; I don't usually look for them!)
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MAC Ruby Woo is supposed to be a true red with blue undertones. This one never looks pinky or orangy on me. I also have MAC Red and it turns fuschia on me. My lips are really dry so I always try to exfoliate my lips with some olive oil and sugar before putting on any dramatic lip colors. I have an olive skintone but when I use MAC Cherry lipliner with a reddish toned gloss I get a nice deep red. Do you want a matte finish? Mattes are always extra drying on me.
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I was coming in to say Ruby Woo, so I'll second mokeydraws. It is on the drying side, though, so it might not work.

What I would do is look over Temptalia's Scarlet Season feature. (Here's the blue-based red overview. She tends to feature the high-end stuff, but I look for stuff I like and then Google for dupes.
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I love lip stains, but it took me a while to get used to them. For red lipstick I like Urban Decay's (somewhat unfortunately named) Gash.
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Maybe NYC Retro Red or Sheer Red? Retro Red is more pigmented, but I think Sheer Red is bluer. Bonus: both are super-cheap and pretty easy to find.
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Best answer: Ones I've tried that are awesome on my blue-tones pale-ass skin:
MAC "Dubonnet" (matte). Don't be fooled by it's brick-y appearance.
Nars Cruella (velvet matte pencil)

Ones that didn't:
Smashbox Doubletake in "Cranberry". Looks great under fluorescents and on skin, but turns orangey on the lips, and feathers easily.
OPI "20 Candles on my Cake". Stayed blue, but turned very bright, very 1990.
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Best answer: The hunt for the Right Red Lipstick can take more than months, so don't lose hope. Are you looking for just lipstick, or are you willing to do the full lipliner/lipstick shebang? Using both may allow you to get a more precise color. I too am Snow-White pale and my current go-to blue-red is Urban Decay's Revolution--but I'm vegan so my choices are limited.

If department store brands and Sephora/MAC are in your budget, try hitting up the sales people there and tell them you're looking for a blue-based red. If they're well-trained, they should be able to give you a range of options and let you test them out right there. They also have great return policies as long as you hang on to your receipt.

I am trying to decide which OCC lip tars to try out after reading a million rave reviews. They have not only a wide range of deep reds, but they also have blue, black, and white tars to use as mixers. If you're feeling brave, you could try working with those--every review I've read said the formula is a dream to work with.

The only concern is that I've looked at five or six different bloggers' swatches of the colors and they all seem to show up differently. However, the NSFW looks like it might be your best bet, or you could just grab a tube of the blue (RX) and play with the lipsticks you already have.
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Response by poster: Well I can see that now I shall have to cut out of work early to go on a lipstick-finding mission; these are all lovely! And I'm reassured that it will take a while to find what I want. What isn't helping, probably, is buying and then returning all the drugstore brands--the clerks are getting fairly tired of me, I think!

I like the idea of hitting the counters for a better idea; in the long run, it'd probably save time and money. And when I go home to the Big City for the holidays I'll probably check out Sephora and Mac as well.

Thanks, y'all :)
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It's ridiculously expensive, but... Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in #75: Dragon. Nothing else I've ever tried comes close. It's a stunning, insanely pigmented red with a creamy, luxurious texture. I only bought it because I tried it on the back of my hand, on a whim, and just had to have it on my face. Pictures (it looks orange in some of these, but it's a blue-red), reviews.
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Clinique's Angel Red will give you the stained effect but in a much more user-friendly formula.
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Limecrime have a really bad formula - they go on like facepaints and are drying indeed. However they do stain the lips.

(We can't return make-up AT ALL, even if sealed, in the UK. You overseas people are lucky indeed!)

The Body Shop provided me with my favourite red (Garnet) which may be worth a try - I stick Benetint on under it to make it last longer. Also, Temptalia has a 'dupe list' on her website which is handy if you don't want to spend on high end.
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