What word do Russians use to describe the fall of communism?
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How do Russians refer to the fall of communism, and the changes that followed? Before this they had lots of cool works like perestroika and glasnost. Do they have a word for that too?
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* cool word.
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I'm not sure about Russian, but the German term for these events is "die Wende". Perhaps the Russian version of the wikipedia article mentions a Russian equivalent?
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That's the Bulgarian version of the Wikipedia page, not the Russian version.
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That's the Bulgarian version of Wikipedia, chillmost.

Anyway, the term I've heard at home is "Распад" (Raspad), which means something along the lines of "crumbling." Here's the Russian Wikipedia entry on it.
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My Russian teacher (an old lady teaching at the University well past the retirement age) used to call it "распад" too.
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