How big was the US Federal Government in 1800?
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Where can I find out specific details about the size (in persons employed) by the federal government during the Washington, Adams, and Jefferson administrations?

In every US History Survey, summary, and cheat sheet, part of the Jeffersonian "revolution" was a reduction in the number of Federal Employees.

From what to what? Who's getting fired? Are there any numbers? I can't seem to find this through anything basic, but can't believe the information isn't out there somewhere.
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Best answer: Sorry I don't have a source - I think it's in the John/Abigail Adams letters - but when the federal government left Philadelphia for DC in May of 1800, there were about 125 employees.

Congress in those days had about 10? employees.

The elected officials in the government (House + Senate + 2 executive) narrowly outnumbered the permanent employees.
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Best answer: There is some information here about the reductions in the military. He also reduced the size of the Dept of State.
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