Whats the best exterior fiberglass door ?
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What type of exterior door should I buy ?? I need a good exterior door to keep out the cold, I'm looking into Thermatru, but I need some advice.

Hi All,

My house is as drafty as a barn, I need to replace my exterior back door with a better one that will keep out the cold.

I've heard home depot/lowes are a ripoff (overpriced poor quality), I was looking at a local distributor that sells Thermatru fiberglass doors, they're very nice, but expensive.

Can anyone tell me their experience, what do you recommend for someone on a budget who needs a quality door that really does well at keeping out the cold?

Details: I can spend up to $1k but the cheaper the better. My current door is almost all glass, I would like to see out in the back, so I want a door that has some glass in it, but it doesn't have to be all glass.

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When I had some renovations done on my ~100-yr-old house, my excellent and very fussy carpenter recommended ThermaTru doors, and I've been very happy with them (8 yrs). They do a great job keeping out the cold, and they look nice. Expert installation, with lots of attention to weatherstripping and to insulating any gaps around the door, is also important.
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Your bigger concern is the weatherstripping. Are you handy with tools? Can you you post upclose images of the door edge and frame? What material are each?
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A used thermatu from the local salvage yard may work too. I have 2 on my home. paid $20 each.
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If your main concern is keeping out the cold, you need to look at the Energy Star rating of the door. Get a door with a good rating (the insulation value is right there on the tag) and then don't be afraid to weatherstrip.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys! I'm going to have it professionally installed and have them do the weatherstripping, etc.
I decided not to do it myself because I want the door installed about 4" further inside so I can put up a screen door as well.

Patnok: thanks for the salvage yard tip, I'll check that out. I hate to spend $800 on a door if I don't have to.
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