Where to find wax paper sleeves for baked goods?
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I need wax paper sleeves to hold whoopie pies, but I don't know what they're called.

I'm looking for wax paper sleeves to hold whoopie pies and big cookies that I'm planning to sell at a fundraiser. I don't want bags, I just want a sleeve - made like a normal bakery bag, but only enclosed on two sides instead of three, to form a corner into which the cookie/whoopie pie would be slid. It could be a triangular shape instead of a square.

I want them because whoopie pies are notoriously sticky and messy. I like the idea of people buying them and being able to walk around eating them while holding onto the sleeve, thus avoiding messy fingers. Shoving whoopie pies in bags causes them to stick to the bag going in and coming out, and chaos ensues.

I know such things exist, but I have no idea what they're called. I tried searching on "envelopes" and "sleeves" for baked goods without luck. I'm willing to order a commercial quantity. They need to be appropriate for food, preferably wax paper or something compostable. Anybody know where I can find them? I've checked the sites like Uline and Associated Bag and Papermart, but couldn't find what I'm describing.

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Seems like you could use waxed paper sandwich bags and just slice one side off with a paper cutter. For a once-only event, that should be good enough.
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Or just get a roll of wax paper and fold and staple one side.
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Dry waxed bakery bags.
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NY Cake Distributors Co has everything you can think of when it comes to baking... I couldn't find what you describe on their website, but try giving them a call during business hours (the toll-free number seems to be their L.A. branch, but I would try the NYC store as well). Even if they don't have what you're looking for, they'll be able to tell you what they're called.
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Are you stuck on the idea of a bag? Typically, our friendly local bakery counters just use the single papers of the style halogen mentioned above. That makes it easy to pick up and hold, but it's cheaper. Here's a nice cheap box of it.
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Sometimes this paper is called glassine instead of wax paper.

It occurs to me that hamburgers have a similar problem, and wrapping the whoopie pies in the same way hamburgers are wrapped might be a good solution. But! Look at this! Are you hoping for something like this? It's being used in a Japanese restaurant named Zip Zap, but surely they are buying them from a restaurant supply distributor?
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I found them!

Here's a wholesaler that you'd have to get in touch with

And here's a store that sells them online

Not sure why the pretzel is blue in the second one, but I hope you need a lot of them because they are both packs of 8000! Good luck. :D
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A little googling and I've found that some people refer to them as "double open" or "double opening" sandwich bags. I found some here and here.
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Oh and also, if you want to go the cheap, ghetto route, you can always just get square wax paper and fold them paper cup style. It's only two folds so it wouldn't really take up a whole lot of time and you get exactly what you want.
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Response by poster: Wow! I can hardly believe the wealth of possibilities that now stretch before me for enclosing my whoopie pies (and blue pretzels, and Japanese hamburgers...).

Thank you all so much. Now I just need to get baking...
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Response by poster: PS - They also seem to be called pretzel bags. Now I know.
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