Need venison sausage
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Where can I get venison, moose, or other wild game sausages, either in the Seattle area or online?
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Cabela's -- not sure what they carry in-store, but you can order online. They have wild game sausage samplers and venison salami and jerky (but no venison sausage).
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I know there used to be a wild game/specialty meat place up on Aurora, but I can't find any record of it now, so it might have closed down. (I left Seattle about three years ago.) Maybe Pike Place?

For on-line, there's which will ship you whatever you want.
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Closer to you in Minnesota would be, Kramarczuk's, who officially do not not carry venison on their website but if you call may be able to get you what you want. Consider not just venison but the other items they carry as well. I can say that their smoked bratwurst is great and meats made by them are excellent. Now if they just stopped carrying the Chinese manufactured Maggi sauce it would be perfect.
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Some places I would check:
-The Swinery
-Bill the Butcher
-Rain Shadow Meats
-I know University Seafood & Poultry does game meats, but I don't remember if they have sausage
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I don't know for sure if they'll do mailorder, but it might be worth checking out Hot Dougs Sausage Superstore and Encased Meat Emporium.
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You could also try calling Farmer George Meats in Port Orchard. He's a USDA-certified processor, and does a lot of butchering for local hunters.
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Mario Batali's father runs Salumi deli and restaurant. I don't know the complete canon of Italian cured meats but it is possible that some of them contain an animal that you desire.
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Best answer: The Butcher Shop Cafe in Kenmore (Juanita Drive near Bastyr U/St. Edward St. Park) often carries elk sausage, as well as a bunch of other incredibly-scrumptious varieties. Call and ask what's currently in the case. Definitely worth the drive.
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Exotic Meat, USA
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Response by poster: OMG Kenmore! I live up near there so that is awesome, I am going to check it out next weekend.

I have been to Bill the Butcher in Woodinville, he has pork sausages (and Whole Foods sells comparable sausages cheaper).

I will call up some of the other shops too if the Butcher Shop Cafe turns up dry.
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Swiss Colony has some game sausages. This might fit your venison needs.
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Double D Meats in Mountlake Terrace has a variety of game meats along with the best selection anywhere of hotsauce, barbeque sauce and rubs. Their meats are high quality and often cheaper than Costco.
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Hey Crazycanuck: I just double-checked with the Butcher Shop Cafe. They don't typically sell game meat sausage in the case unless they have extra from a special order. However, given that the minimum order for made-to-order sausage (elk, venison, etc) is as low as 5 lbs, you can simply order what you need and freeze, give away, or split an order with local MeFites (count me in!).
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Uli's in the Market does the best sausages (and moustaches) in town. They occasionally carry game, and you can place special orders.
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