Looking for Oakley c-wire replacement parts.
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The spring hinge on my Oakley c-wire sunglasses has broken and I can't find a replacement anywhere. Looking for suggestions.

I've got expensive prescription lenses in the frames and would really like to replace the arm, or even the entire frame. Oakley is completely out of parts. I bought a pair on Ebay, but the design was slightly different and the lenses didn't fit (probably fake). I can't find any reputable online sources that have the frame. I would prefer new over used as this hinge does wear out over time. Any other ideas?
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Can a local optometry place re-shape your current lenses so they fit the (probably fake) new Oakleys (assuming that the lenses are larger than the new frame).

So... the new Oakleys' don't have hinge springs, or hinge springs that you can cannibalize to repair the old Oakleys?

Is it the spring or the hinge that is broken? If it's just the spring, if you're reasonably handy, loose bristle-brushes from sidewalk/curbside/street sweeping machines sometimes shed springy carbon-steel brush-whiskers that could be used to fashion yourself a new spring.

Funny thing - sometimes local Craigslist will yield random stuff I want to purchase where eBay came up empty (or way too expensive). Amazon marketplace might be an option, too.
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Best answer: I had a pair of e-wires for about 12 years or so and destroyed the frames numerous times. In the UK you can simply mail the trashed shades back to Oakley UK with a cheque for £17 and some weeks later you get your lenses back in a new frame. Reckon that might be your best best.
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Response by poster: dmt, good idea. The Oakley US office can't help me, but the UK office might have parts. I've emailed them. I may try other countries as well.
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No. dmt's suggestion won't work. About $40US for a brand new pair of oakley frames...no way.

I recently broke the hinge part of my oakleys 2 weeks ago. I went to the store and had them contact the service dept. Bastards told me the ONLY option available is buying a brand new frame.

Tell me about what is broken. Do you have a pic? I can tell you how to KINDA put it back together (2+weeks here) if it broke like mine did.

Otherwise, you may want to buy a used paid of the same type of oakleys on ebay. Depending on your tech level, you may want to buy the EXACT same glasses (dont forget size)...or you may want to buy a set of oakleys with the same type of hinge.

Seriously though...this must be Oakley's moneymaker.
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Response by poster: Got a response back from Oakley Europe. They said send them in and they will take a look. Better response than Oakley US. So, they are in the mail. Only $4 to send, worth a shot.

hal_c_on, I did sort of fix them, but actually replacing the spring mechanism is impossible. They don't work well enough without it. Also, I've tried the Ebay route. The one time I saw frames that matched, they arrived as fakes. Seller gave me my money back with no questions.
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Response by poster: Just got another email from Oakley Europe. They are going to replace the frames for £19. Excellent!
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