evaluating online payroll services
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our government grant and contract based non-profit is evaluating full service (file your taxes for your) online payroll services. we expect to grow to 100 employees (many of them short term) this year. we are an organization of moderate complexity with foreign nationals on visas, etc. does anyone have any experience with online payroll services and, in particular, perquest. we were using quickbooks online. we got switched without warning or explanation to paycycle a couple of weeks ago. paycycle seeks simplicity but lacks critical functionality for a medium size business. we need a service targetted to medium-size businesses.
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I've used Paychex with success (11 years ago), and my company uses some place called Laurus Strategies. Seems to do a good job. (I *think* they don't cut the checks, but just manage everything but that.)

And I'm sure ADP has a product that will fit your needs.
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