How do I create Air Force 1's on NikeID?
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Nike enthusiasts: How can I create my own Air Force 1 shoes on the NikeID website? I see that other people have designed Air Force 1s, but when I try to create my own, I get this message, telling me the Air Force 1s can only be accessed by certain people. How do I become one of those people?
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What you need is Nike ID Bespoke. Besides occasional "pop-up" Nike ID Design Studios, the the only current way of accessing the bespoke service and IDing AF1s, is a visit to the store at 21 Mercer St, in NYC.
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Mr. evoque concurs with roofus and says that anyone can make an appointment at 21 Mercer to design bespoke Nikes. Unless you are invited or famous, he says to expect to pay ~$800 for a pair.
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I got a chance to do it, after winning a sneaker competition, when the ID Design Studio was briefly at Nike Town London. It was kind of a cautionary tale, because I was crazy drunk, and asked for every damn fabric, in every stupid colour possible. The result is the ugliest pair of $800 value shoes ever created.
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