Examples of short films that work without much overhead?
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Short, live-action films that work with limited locations, effects, budget, and actors?

I think I'd like to make a short film, but before I do, I want to soak up as many successful short films as I can so I can get a feel for what they did that worked. Short being anything under 30 minutes.

The limitations mentioned above are important. I don't have a studio, or a budget, or a cast, really. I can get maybe 3 to 5 people involved, max. Sets would be places we could use for free.

So basically, I want to see what's worked for other short films that emphasize cinematography, editing, lighting, a good script, and successful acting by one or two characters. No reliance on CGI, animation, (exotic) costuming, or location shoots that cost more than the gas it took to get there.
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If anything, I would get one of those Canon DSLRs that shoot in 1080p. Many 'real' DPs hate them but for what you are trying to do it would work great.
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This is not a Short, but it is an excellent example of what you're looking for. The entire film was shot in a motel room, and the cast had only three actors.
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I believe each segment of Four Rooms takes place in a single room (it's been awhile since I've seen it). Reservoir Dogs is a feature but was written specifically to work with limited locations, actors and budget, being the setup and the aftermath of a jewel heist gone bad, without the heist itself. Alfred Hitchcock's Rope (also a feature) takes place in a single setting in a single scene (real time). You might find more inspiration looking at playscripts since most plays are written with small casts and limited locations in mind.
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"Successful" is debatable, but I have attempted to do almost exactly this. Feel free to contact me if you want more info.
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I'm not sure it fits your definition of shor or cheap, but Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog immediately comes o mind to me.
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Some successful shorts:

Jorge, directed by Joel Hopkins.
Genesis and Catastrophe, by Jonathan Liebesman.
Election Night, by Anders Thomas Jensen.

Also check out the Future Shorts YouTube channel.

I would also recommend checking out the Beckett on Film boxed set. Many of Beckett's short plays are performed, and performed well.

Also, think about anthology television shows as a source for this kind of stuff. The Twilight Zone and Tales From The Crypt have many great examples of 20-30 minute stories.


When it comes to tech stuff, make sound one of your top priorities. I can think of any number of successful films shot well with grubby cameras (pushed B&W 16mm film for Pi, standard definition DV for 28 Days Later), but I can't think of any good examples of the reverse. Tinny, poorly recorded sound screams "amateur hour" from all the highest mountains. Don't spring for an überexpensive HD cam, or even a DSLR, without first making sure you have the budget and expertise for quality sound.

(unless you're shooting a silent movie or a music video, in which case ignore me)
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I don't know if this is what you are looking for, but check out the Chad Vader series on YouTube. All they seemed to have was a video camera, a Darth Vader outfit, and access to a grocery store after hours.
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Did you see this 15 minute short film I posted a few days ago on the blue?
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Take a look at Freddie Wong's videos, particularly his Call of Duty inspired short films. He's also got detailed breakdowns of the kit he uses and his creative process. The results are nothing short of amazing, considering what would have been possible a few years ago.
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Forever's Not So Long.
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La jetée can be viewed here. It's more photomontage than film, but is still one the best shorts and one of the best sci-fi films of all time.
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