You know all those recipes that use that gross condensed Campbell's stuff?
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What to do with 6 cups of pureed, homemade cream of mushroom soup?

It's currently sitting in my freezer.

It's very delicious even as a standalone.

I do own a slow cooker (which I enjoy using), and I am not a vegetarian.

I am not adverse to using it as a base for another soup.

Please advise.
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PS Looking for personal recommendations-- assume I've googled it, and am not looking for your standard "mush in a pot from cans and envelopes" you often find for crockpot recipes involving cream of mushroom soup.
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You could make some killer chicken and rice. Boil some rice on the side. In a pan, pan sear some chicken, maybe some finely diced onions. Add your homemade cream of chicken soup and a little flour. Simmer until it's a thick sauce. Serve over the rice with the chicken.
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Cream of mushroom soup goes excellent with meatloaf. Cook your meatloaf as you normally would. Top the meatloaf with the soup for the last 20 minutes.
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bwilms, awesome suggestion....I'm a big fan of this turkey quinoa meatloaf and will have to consider whether it will match that.

Keep 'em coming, guys!
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Poured over egg noodles. Yum.
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6 cups is not that much.
If it's delicious as is, don't mess with it.
Make a homemade garlic bread and enjoy it with soup in cold winter months.
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I'd add cauliflower, shredded chicken and perhaps some mushrooms and pour over buttered rice.
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Oh, please make some if it into classic green bean casserole for Thanksgiving! (If you celebrate it.) Recipe. I usually add a tablespoon of soy sauce too.
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Use it as pasta sauce
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It's party time... Mushroom Soup Party Time.
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poured over egg noodles is what we're doing this week with our cream of mushroom soup. maybe add some meat and sliced baby portabellas.
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Seconding delicate_dahlias. Green bean casserole is one of my all time favorite, eat it until I harf, foods. It's just so damn delicious.
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Gravy! Pour the soup into a pan with some flour and butter and roue that stuff up! Mmm.. I'd use it over some homemade mashed potatoes!
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put some skinless chicken breasts in a baking pan (9x13) with the mushroom soup. Prepare stove top stuffing and spread it on top of the chicken /soup mixture. Bake until the chicken is done.
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Combine with beef broth and use it as the liquid for pot roast.
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Brown some chicken thighs with green peppers and onions, add a tablespoon or two of paprika, half a cup of white wine, cook for half an hour. Remove the chicken, stir in the cream of mushroom soup into the paprika-ish mixture behind. Serve over rice. Chicken paprika! Sort of.
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Just eat it.
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My mother used cream of mushroom soup with extra mushrooms and stewed pork with it, serving it with buttered noodles. I don't know if she still makes it ever.

The pork was always horrifyingly overcooked and dry, but the sauce was really really delicious. I bet you can do better with the pork cooking.
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This was one of my favorite meals growing up, sorry I don't have more specific instructions: Put brown rice in a pan (uncooked), then lay chicken breasts on top. Pour in chicken broth (so rice has some liquid to cook in). Top chicken with cream of mushroom and packet of dried french onion soup mix. (Add the second envelope in the package to [fat-free!] sour cream to make some onion dip for Thanksgiving appetizers). Bake until chicken and rice are both cooked. Serve chicken with side of rice. We called it Fireman's Chicken - I believe the recipe came from Better Homes and Garden or some such.
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Turn some of into mushroom, potato, and leek soup? Boil up some potatoes, and make very loose mashed potatoes by adding plenty of butter and either veg or chicken broth. Then, in a skillet, sautee a chopped onion and some chopped leek, plus maybe some garlic if the original soup doesn't have much in it. (I always use garlic, but ymmv.)

Mix the potatoes and leek mixture into the original soup, add broth to thin to desired consistency, simmer for a bit to blend the flavors, consume. Nom.
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Turkey leftovers, wild rice, and CoM soup in a large, shallow pan. Ahhhhh, perfect for shoveling the too-frequent Minnesota Thanksgiving Blizzard.
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