ESET for computer protection?
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Should I use ESET for home computer security?

Open to anything, but it's got to be simple. My data is backed up, so a computer crash more than annoying but less than a disaster.

MicroCenter sells ESET, and I've had 10 years of satisfaction over there.

Don't want McAffee or MS Essentials, as both have failed badly. Hive thoughts?
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I'ce been using ESET for several years. Seems to work fine, and not be a resource hog. Other systems I've tried over the years always seem to slow machines up terribly, but ESET seems to keep a low profile and do its job.

We also have a rarely used laptop that I use AVG on. Seems to work well and has the advantage of being free!
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I've been using ESET's NOD 32 antivirus for three years without any problems. I was happy to switch from a couple of free programs which had been OK but had become bloatware. Sometimes, ESET will decide it wants all my CPU, which gets annoying, but it generally doesn't last long; still, this is a known and widespread nuisance.
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ESET is more than competent, although if you'd prefer a free option, Avast is equally so in my opinion.
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I've been using ESET NOD32 for 2+ years and haven't had any problems. Nice and quick to turn off the real-time protection if you want max performance too (e.g. running a game).

I tend to recommend ms security essentials when people ask, as it's free and seems to work ok - what sort of failure did you have?

McAffee is just like a crude parody of an antivirus program these days.
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