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So I find myself with a surfeit of time for the near future. So I thought maybe I'd volunteer somewhere, not looking for a huge time commitment, maybe 4-6 hours a week. I'm not interested in politics, more like maybe the library, or homeless shelter, or anything really. Are there resources online that would assist me in finding something like this.

Seattle area is where I'm looking.
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Or just call an specific organization that you are interested in and ask if they take volunteers.
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Best answer: Seattle Works lists a lot of projects that need volunteers from different places in the area.
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Toronto has a great database for looking up volunteer opportunities by type or organisation or type of work or available hours. I tried googling for something similar for Seattle but didn't finy anything specific., however, appears to be a national database that might help.
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Best answer: I can vouch for jacquilynne's recommendation. Running a non-profit, I usually get three to four people a month from Volunteermatch. It seems to be a good option.
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Response by poster: fantastic, thank you so much
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Response by poster: Just another location seattle.craigslist volunteers I found.
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Seattle Animal Shelter has lots of opportunities for volunteers and only requires 4 hours a week.
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