Fastest way to burn multiple clips directly from camera to DVD?
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To archive some work in a class I'm teaching, I would like to record a series of video clips, burning each student's clips to their own rewriteable DVD as we go. Then, on the last day of class, I'd like to quickly finalize a DVD for each person that constains only that person's clips. What device do I want?

I have seen a Samsung DVD burner that hooks up directly to a video camera to do this. It burned each clip directly to a DVD, with no noticeable lag as the clip was being recorded, then that DVD could be removed and put aside, and the next student's DVD went into the machine.

On the last day, that same device then finalized each student's DVD, containing all of their clips from each class, in just a couple minutes per disc.

The key is that I don't want to have to ingest or convert any footage- I want it to go straight from the camera to the DVD, and it's important that the discs be burned very quickly at the end so students can take them as they leave.

I know the device exists, and apparently was pretty-reasonably priced. I recall that it looked like a big DVD player. But I can't find what specific device it was- I don't even know what it would be called.

1. What is this kind of device called?
2. Any recommendations or caveats about specific models?
3. Is there another fast way to make individual DVDs for my students?

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Oh, and if it matters- I was planning to record using a mini-DV-tape camera I bought in 2004.
But I could also borrow an HD camera instead, if that was a necessity.
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What you need is a DVD recorder. These can take video from a analog input and write it to DVD. There are lots of different ones available. Here is an example.
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