Need info re: universities that teach in English outside the USA
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I am a 28 year old American male. I completed two years of college between 94-96. I would now like to finish my bachelor's degree (Computer and Information Science, possibly something else, it depends) in another country. I speak Spanish fluently, but I prefer to study in English. I'm looking at Europe or Argentina (where my family's from). Are there any programs, schools, or things I should know and look into regarding programs taught in English? I also need to consider costs, visas, and admission. Please help, I need to get on with my life here, and YES, I'm sure I want to get a degree. Thank you!
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fyi, i just checked, and education here in chile (well, it's near argentina) is in spanish. does any country have teaching (as opposed to reading papers, and the odd invited speaker) in english, if it's not the first language?
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I certainly hope so, andrew cooke! You know, while traveling in Europe, I met several kids from various different European countries with American accents. Apparently they all went to the "American School in Vienna". I guess there is a network of American high (secondary) schools with American teachers and so on. I'm hoping that there are programs something like this for undergraduate degrees. Really, though, any kind of degree program in English would do!
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All over the place. Check out the American Universities. Among other locations, they are in Beirut, Paris, Cairo, Bulgaria, Sharjah, Dubai, Rome, and London. They are fairly well regarded, teach in English, and most have summer or short-term programs if you want to test the water without diving right in. Good luck!
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