Oh No, Another Sweater
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For the Gentlemen. What gifts would you be thrilled to receive this Christmas?

I know you're sick of sweaters, socks, and underwear, but what gift would render you speechless this year.

What great gadgets or other affordable gifts would you really love to get this year?

And no, I can't afford to get you a car this year.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: I know gift threads are fun, but if there's nothing more specific than "you are male, I know nothing about you, what do you want for Christmas" then this is really too close to chatfilter. -- cortex

A very, very nice fountain pen. And some crazy exquisite writing paper.

The new "Sherlock" miniseries on Blu-ray.

A bunch of vintage Nat King Cole, Mills Brothers and Ink Spots records on vinyl.

A small box of really top-notch cigars.

A bottle of 20-year-old Pappy Van Winkle.

(and then a weekend all to myself to consume all of the above.)
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A nice weekend trip bag
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Less stuff; more experiences I likely wouldn't buy myself. Send me hanggliding, or to a bonsai workshop, or to a woodworking weekend.
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I could use a new belt. Socks I can buy for myself, but I never buy belts for some reason. I guess they feel like a luxury item. I have owned one belt for five years now. It was a Christmas present from an aunt I don't even know that well, but it's up there with the Super Nintendo I got at Christmas 1992 in terms of most used Christmas presents.
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Like jbickers says, a classy pen and something to write on would be a good pick for me - but I'd rather have a high-quality ballpoint than a fountain pen. A notebook beats loose paper, too.

Failing that, classy booze and a collection of the poems of Gottfried Benn.
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A nice weekend trip bag
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On my list? Casio G Shock digital watch. Korg Monotron pocket synth. Thanks very much!
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A new 12" 6 quart saute pan and a new chef's knife.
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Yep, experiences.

Theatre tickets, a lesson in something, a subscription to an event or course.
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An insanely bright LED flashlight with rechargeable batteries. DealExtreme has good ones starting at $15.

note to secret quonsar: i already have one
posted by ChrisHartley at 5:15 AM on November 17, 2010

esquire and menshealth sometimes have very good suggestions.
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scotch scotch scotch
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Booze and its accessories, like bitters, cocktail glasses, etc.

A nice kitchen knife. A nice cutting board that isn't plastic.

I told my sister I wanted a union suit.
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It depends on what you mean by affordable, but:
  • A Merkur safety razor, maybe with a badger brush and some Proraso (AKA C. O. Bigelow in the US) shaving cream
  • Fancy booze
    • I'm partial to bourbon (Bulleit is nice, or you could seek out something small-batch and artisinal) and brandy (too many choices to list, but it's hard to go wrong with an XO from Cognac), myself, but anything from wine to scotch to gin to vodka can be had in super-premium varieties to match anyone's taste
  • A nice-looking atomic watch
  • A nice pair of boots would spruce up those socks you mentioned

  • Any season of Top Gear on DVD

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A nice chef's knife is always great, but weight and balance are a personal thing. Make a cute gift certificate and take your gentleman knife shopping.

I personally want this awesome belt.
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Less stuff; more experiences I likely wouldn't buy myself.

This. I have enough stuff already, and I can buy something if I really need it.
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2nding ChrisHartley on a new flashlight. Flashlights have come a long ways since granddad's aluminum beast, or dad's rubberized plastic update. LED flashlights are either unregulated (less expensive) or regulated ($40 to multiple hundreds).

Regulated means that the light intensity remains the same up until near the very end as the batteries deplete. Recommend that you select one that runs on standard AA or AAA's instead of the more expensive and harder to find lithium variations.

There's a lot on the web on this topic including product reviews by flashlight crazed geeks. I ended up with a 4Sevens Quark AA2 and carry it around like a six year old with a new toy (no I don't work there). There are lots of variations and tradeoffs.
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Good suggestions. Repeats here, but in case it helps form a "gentlemanly stuff consensus":

* A nice fountain pen
* Fountain pen ink (oh, so many colors...)
* Stationery
* Single malt Scotch
* Bourbon

Clothing/accessories can be tricky, but if you know your fella's taste & style you should be in good shape. Me? I'd love to get...

* A nice hat (as in fedora, to be worn strictly when dressing up)
* A nice pocketwatch and/or chain and/or fob
* Bow ties (I realize I am in the extreme minority here)
* A kilt & accoutrements
* A gift certificate to The Gentleman's Emporium

I also really like the above suggestions for experiences, if you have a sense of stuff he'd like to do but hasn't sprung for himself, rather than an arbitrary activity you think he *might* find interesting. (For me personally: Hang-gliding? Not so much... a Moku Hanga printmaking workshop? Hell yes! But for another person it could be the exact opposite.)
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Actually, I'll second that - I've always wanted a Fleshlight.

Wait, what?
posted by Ted Maul at 6:23 AM on November 17, 2010

A good chef's knife, or something coffee related.

A safety razor with a decent brush wouldn't upset me either.
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A trip away from here
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I like a years supply of socks.
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Knives are great, nthing that, but I was once given and really appreciated the gift of sending all of my knives to the sharpener. It's like getting glasses for the first time.

Cocktail shaker/glasses/garnishes like olives and cherries. (Really, the makings for Manhattans would be great: rye, bitters, sweet vermouth, and cherries, plus the shaker and glasses.)

I just had to replace my backpack and am now irrationally in love with this one.

Two tickets for that thing he loves.
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scotch scotch scotch

To this suggestion, I would also like to add:
scotch scotch scotch scotch scotch
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The Complete Calvin and Hobbes, please!
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Refills for something he has but has used up. For me, it would be ammo for my 9mm when I go to the range.
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Two tickets for that thing he loves.

Even better if suddenly they become diamonds. Failing that, I'm hoping for a nice kitchen knife, though they are pretty personal, and my wife is hesitant to buy one for me for that reason. A smoker/grill can be pretty fun, and winter cold allows you to try out things like cold smoked salmon and scallops, which are a lot harder to do once it gets hot outside.

For me, though, I haven't bought a wallet in, say, fifteen years. A nice wallet is a treasure, and luckily there have been people in my life disgusted by how ratty I'll let a wallet get. A nice leather wallet, pre-set with a picture of you and a dollar bill ready to go.
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Kato's n-scale California Zephyr with a trio of appropriate Alco PA-PB locos to match.

[Come on. You asked!]
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