Want a pre-lit tree that is pretty and not expensive.
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Can you help me find a pre-lit tree that doesn't look hideous and won't bust the budget?

I have 8 foot ceilings, so I'm looking for something in the 7 foot range. Our current tree is artificial, but stringing lights sucks. Most of the pre-lits we've seen are relatively skinny compared to the unlit artificials. I would prefer a little girth. A live tree is not an option due to some severe allergies that my wife has. As far as budget goes, I can probably live with under $400 if the quality is there. Thanks!
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I got a (fiber-optic!) pre-lit one a while back from National Tree Co. I don't know what their prices are generally like, as I got it discounted from their showroom, but I was impressed with the quality of a lot of their trees.
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I haven't seen them yet this year, but our Costco had really nice artificial trees last year. They were extremely full and nicely prelit. I'm a real tree person and even I thought that they were very nice looking. This might be the one I remember. It's also from National Tree Co.

If you're a member, it might be worth a visit to your Costco.
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Agree with 26.2. Costco has really nice full pre-lit artificial trees. I believe I saw them listed for around $250 or so at my local Costco (they have had them for over two weeks now).
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Just going to throw this out there . . . you'll be able to get a lot more tree for your money after the holidays. Can you suffer through one more holiday of stringing the lights, and then purchase a tree when they go on insane sale (like 75-90% off) after the holiday?

I don't know where you live, but craft stores (Michaels, Hobby Lobby) usually have some pretty nice trees. Our Hobby Lobby had some really tall trees - girthy too.
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Best answer: We just got a very nice 7.5 footer from Target for 250 (of course before the sale!). I'm anti-fake tree but am happy with this one.
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Best answer: Seconding Target. I remember seeing a few nice trees in the $200-300 range last year, and I ended up buying a very pretty pre-lit white tree from there.
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