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My husband and I are going to Paris this weekend to meet up with my very good friend who just got married Sunday. (Yes it is their honeymoon, no we're not crashing it just meeting up with them for a day) I'd like to give them some sort of wedding gift, what can we get/do for them?

We missed their wedding because it was in California and we live in London. I don't really want to just buy them dinner (we have reservations at Sensing) because to be honest I think it'll cost more than our budget (around £50-£75). Suggestions?

She is a feisty and hilarious aspiring actress and she loves reading and I've known her since I was about 6 years old. He does something with wind farms (Ok I don't know him as well. I just know he's really sweet.)
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Response by poster: Oh and it's both their first time in Paris and we're hanging out with them pretty much all day Saturday if that helps at all.
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Take lots and lots of pictures of your day together - mostly of the newlyweds. See if there's a Rue Her-name or Rue His-name and get snapshots of them near it. If she likes reading, stop by bookstores - Shakespeare & Co., or even just the theater section of FNAC, for more silly photo ops. Or, as it's their first time there, the usual wonderful places: Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Pei's pyramid at the Louvre. Pose them in a cafe with an express each, maybe dunking a cube of sugar in it. Just have fun, and get the pix to them later (online or off), and you'll have given them something special: a record of their first days together as madame et monsieur.
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