Where can I find Smirnoff No.27 Silver Label Vodka?
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Where can I find Smirnoff No.27 Silver Label Vodka?

I'm in the UK, and have only found one site that even lists it, but it's currently out of stock. I would be happy with an international source providing shipping is not prohibitive.
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I was wondering, is there any particular reason that you want the Silver Label?

Have you tried the Blue Label? It's available in the off licence, pretty inexpensive and tastes quite nice, particularly if you keep it in the freezer. I think it's way better than the Red Label.
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Response by poster: It's for a gift. The recipient already has some Blue Label. They had some Silver in the past from abroad and have been trying to get more for ages.
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I know that in the States I can go to a shop and ask them to order something for me - if you can do that in the UK it's probably worth it even if there's a small premium.
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I saw this at winechateau.com, seems to be in stock and they ship to the UK.

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Response by poster: mrs. taters, it's generally not available in the UK at all, so the stores can't order it through their regular distribution networks.
carter, thanks for the link, but when I took a closer look at the shipping info they state that they will not ship spirits internationally. The search goes on!
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Come on down to N'Awlins. We'll take care of you.
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Response by poster: Finally resolved. The one UK outlet linked in the question got the stuff back in stock, and delivered no problem . Too late for Christmas, but a few sips will take the sting out of that.

Thanks for the answers, and particular thanks to the two MeFites who offered to help me source it abroad if necessary.
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