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IPod filter. If I down-loaded music from the ITunes store directly into my IPod, how do I get the songs into my ITunes on my computer?

I purchased songs from ITunes directly on my IPod Touch. In my ITunes on my computer, those songs do not appear in the purchased list of songs.

When I connect my IPod to my computer, won't that sync the play-list on the computer, and erase what is on the IPod? I don't want to lose my purchased songs.

I have tried to google the answer to this, and I feel like there is a simple solution to this - but I am not sure what to do. And I do not want to lose my recently purchased songs.

Any thoughts or help are greatly appreciated.
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Sync goes both ways.
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Nope, it'll transfer your purchases, I do it all the time.
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iTunes on your computer does not erase the songs you bought on your iPod Touch. When you sync on your computer, it will go grab the songs and put them on your computer. This is, of course, assuming the iTunes account you used on your computer and iPod match.
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On your next sync, iTunes will tell you that you have purchased items on your ipod that aren't on your computer and will let you transfer.
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If you are connecting your iPod to a computer with which you have never synced, syncing won't do the job. An iPod can only sync to one iTunes library, and if you're syncing to a new library, the music on your library is erased and replaced by the music on the computers library.

If you want to transfer officially purchased music from your iPod to an iTunes library to which you are NOT synced, you should choose the "Transfer Purchases" option from the menubar. On the Mac it is under the File menu; not sure about on the PC. This backs up any iTunes purchases from your iPod to the Mac you are connected to, provided you have logged in your iTunes account on it.
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File-->transfer purchases
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It sounds like you just misunderstand the word "sync".

Sync doesn't mean "overwrite one from the other", it means "update both ends with anything that's new or more recently changed on the other side".

Music you purchased from an iPod Touch will just be incorporated into your computer iTunes library.

Sometimes there are more complex issues, like whether you've chosen the option for managing music manually, or have more than one iTunes account. But it doesn't sound like you're asking about any of those things.
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Thank you for the answers.
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