korg vs rebirth ios app decision
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Here's one for digital musicians/ipad owners (shouldn't be too small a subset on ask mfi, right?): I'm trying to decide between Rebirth for the ipad, or the Korg iMS-20 I have the Korg iElectribe, and think it's great. I'm also familiar with Propellerhead software...decisions... They're both less than 20$, but they both seem like big playgrounds. Whatcha think?
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I bought both just yesterday actually. I used to use Rebirth back in the day on a Windows 98 pc. It of course depends on what kind of music you want to make but i think the iMS-20 blows rebirth out of the water as far as different kinds of sounds, tweakability, features, etc. There's quite a lot in it; multiple sequencers for both "synth" sounds and "drum" sounds and of course sequenced parameter tuning, a Kaoss-pad like interface for live performance, song pattern mode. The Rebirth app is also great but pretty much is exactly Rebirth on the iPad. Out of the box you'll get 303, 808 & 909 sounds out of Rebirth quicker; it'll take more work for the MS20 to sound like acid house, but with the MS20 you're not as limited.
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Thanks neustile! I appreciate the knowledge.
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