Cooking times for MicroMax sandwhich maker?
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At a house sale here in northern Thailand I picked up a MicroMax Microwave Hamburger/Sandwich Grill for the princely sum of one dollar. It's in like new condition but there were no accompanying instructions. Imprinted on the bottom is the notice, "See instructions for preheat and cooking times...DO NOT EXCEED." I wrote to the manufacturer Nordic Ware who replied that since the item was discontinued, they couldn't provide instructions. Does anyone else in AskMeFi land have one of these devices? Any input for times to create a fine grilled ham and cheese sandwich or tuna melt would be appreciated. Perhaps you may have found or created interesting recipes for the MicroMax? Those would be most welcome also. Many thanks.
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There is a listing for one of these on ebay. Does it look similar to yours?

The text says, "You can use this for hot dogs, chicken breasts, garlic bread, chops, fish, sandwiches, etc. Preheat the griller in the microwave for 4-5 minutes, and then you can cook a grilled cheese sandwich in 30 seconds, a chicken breast in 3 minutes."
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If Houstonian's answer doesn't work out, follow up and I can ask around. I am related to the folks who run the company, and I KNOW they are the corporate equivalents of packrats. In a good way.
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Response by poster: Houstonian and Whatzit, thank you for your responses. Houstonian, my device is similar but a bit smaller (no way to put a chop or hot dog in this one) but I'll reduce the recommended times a bit and see how it works. And, Whatzit, thank you very much indeed for your offer. If all else fails, I'll get back to you. Best wishes to you both.
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