Help save a dear four-legged friend!
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SE Wisconsin: Does anyone know of a veterinarian in the Milwaukee/Racine/Kenosha/NE Illinois area that can remove a dog's tumor on a payment plan?

A dear friend of mine has a cancerous tumor. Her owner doesn't have the $1100 up front to pay for the surgery to have it removed. They live in Racine, but he can drive anywhere. The owner has a job and makes decent money, but has no credit cards... The dog is a sweetheart and is family (obviously). He is trying to sell his beloved motorcycle to come up with the money, but there are no buyers in this economy. The regular vet is unable to perform the surgery, and the only other place we know of demands ALL the money up front (he can make a substantial down payment, and is willing to sign the title of his motorcycle/truck over- whatever it takes!)

Does anyone know of a veterinarian around Milwaukee/Chicagoland that would be willing to work out some sort of payment plan?

Any other ideas are also welcome; obviously, time is of the essence!
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Last time I was at the emergency vet (the one in Waukesha), the vet described a payment-on-credit plan that you could apply for. I ended up paying in full myself, but he made it sound like it was a pretty common thing. It's called CareCredit - maybe your friend could call around to see if some non-emergency vets participate as well? (The e-vet is sure to be more expensive.)
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You mentioned that your friend doesn't have any credit cards, but did he try applying for CareCredit? Many vet offices will take it for payment.

Also, this page a list of organizations that help to fund vet care.
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someone i don't know, but am connected with via email is a surgical vet in Madison area, focused on cancer and mobile surgery. If you would like me to direct you to her website, send me a memail!
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I've used CareCredit for a vet emergency. You call or go online and if you're approved you get a number almost like a credit card that works immediately with certain vets. My credit is not fabulous but they approved me and for an amount that was well over any amount I ever got with a cc. At the time you apply you choose a time period for repayment (up to 6 months I think) which is interest free or lower interest and then after that high interest rates (29.99%) kick in. Their website was reasonably easy to deal with for setting up payments. I just wanted to explain how it worked for me in case it could help your friend.

Good luck to your friend. I hope they can find somewhere to get the tumor removed.
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CareCredit user here, as well. If you pay off the balance within the "promotional" period (anywhere from 6 to 24 months, depending on how large an amount you finance) it is interest free. I had thousands of dollars in vet bills for my horse this past year and CareCredit was a real help. I was able to make payments and never paid any interest.

Tell your friend to go to the web site ( and find a vet who takes it.
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@ Bohemia- if the Care Credit doesn't pan through, I will be contacting you.....

Thanks all!!!!!
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