How do I get into Angels in America?
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I want to go see the latest production of Angels in America, but it is long sold out. I need wait list strategies.

The tickets December 19 are $20, which I can afford.

My strategy so far is to just show up there every night through the 19th and hope to get through the waitlist. Does anyone have any smarter ideas? Upcoming times to show up that it would be better? A friend mentioned she went on a marathon day, which makes sense. Is there anything else like that coming up between now and 12/19? I've been to the theater plenty but have no idea how theater culture works.

I also want to bring my girlfriend. Is there even a chance of getting two tickets on the same night? If it matters, I am a student. My girlfriend is not.
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There are usually people standing around outside a theatre selling tickets to that night's show. Show up any night with cash (probably more than face value, but not everyone is trying to make a profit) and you should be able to find at least one, and quite likely 2 tickets. For extra effectiveness, print a sign that says in big bold letters "Need 2 Tickets" and someone will likely come up to you. It might take a few tries but it will work.
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Response by poster: Okay, I guess I should have added "I don't want to deal with scalpers." Thanks, though.
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Best answer: Before the show opened, people were saying that a lot of people were getting in every night from the wait list, and I just checked ATC again and it sounds like most people are getting in. They're not just seating people in open house seats- they're offering seating on the carpeted stairs as well. Get there early enough (I would try for 5-6) for the wait list and you should be fine. You don't even have to wait in a physical line- you put your name down and come back.
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Best answer: Seconding ThePinkSuperhero—friends of mine have gotten in off the standby line on weekends, so if you show up before 5 the two of you have a pretty good shot of getting in. Of course, crowds may vary and increase during the upcoming holiday weekend and into December.

There are several more marathon days between now and 12/19: Wednesday 11/24, Saturday 11/27, Sunday 11/28, Wednesdsay 12/1, Saturday 12/4, Saturday, 12/11, Sunday, 12/12, and Saturday, 12/18.

Good luck!
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Not all the people selling tickets in front of the theater are scalpers. They're often people who have an extra ticket or friends of people who couldn't make the show. I used to regularly get into sold-out Met operas, at cost, buying tickets this way. Usually they're single tickets, though, not a pair.
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(Yeah, and I occasionally provide tickets to sold-out Met operas, even *below* cost, in this way. Most recently, I was rushing to make curtain and basically threw my ticket at someone, who was happy to take it.)
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