The Irish Stutterer
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I'm looking for a short story/essay written by an Irish author that involves stuttering.

Last night, a friend recalled "the funniest story he's ever read," but sadly could not remember author or title. He read it in an anthology of British humor many years ago. Here's what we know: It was probably written between 1920-1940, but that's not certain. It involves a reporter who is a stutterer assigned to interview a subject who also stutters. It may or may not be a true story. It's possible that it was written by John Montague, who is the only Irish writer I could find who is a known stutterer. Does this sound familiar to anyone, and if so where I might read the essay?
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I am going to take a WAG and say that it was a piece by Patrick Gordon Campbell, 3rd Baron Glenavy "(6 June 1913 – 10 November 1980), known as Patrick Campbell, [who] was an Irish journalist, humorist and television personality." He was also a famed stutterer.

"The Hot Box" tells the tale of his encounter with a stuttering librarian. It appears in "The Oxford Book of Humorous Prose : From William Caxton to P.G. Wodehouse : a Conducted Tour" (Oxford Books of Prose) [and other places, I would guess].
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Hmmm. Perhaps this will ring a bell with your friend?
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I'm not going to mark this as resolved until I show it to my friend, but I think MonkeyToes that is very likely it. Thank you so much (best answer check mark is in the mail.)
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Like I said, a WAG...but it checks on a lot of the details provided.

When I first started using the web, I mourned the death of barely-recalled trivia. In the mumphity-mumph years since then, it has been my pleasure to track down obscure stuff for others!
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