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Have you seen: Freddie Mercury in a kittycat sweater?

O, internets. Back in the day, mid nineties, searching up rad .wavs and .bmps was my favorite teenage pastime. I had one which was a photographic portrait of Freddie Mercury (lovelovelove) late in his life, in a very 1980s, very femme chunky sweater depicting cats — a kitty sweater.

I have searched and searched for this since that time. Can anyone produce it?
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Best answer: Not a waistcoat?
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I_p_t_f's picture is the one I immediately thought of. I just dragged out my CD collection to flip through the booklet insert for greatest hits 3, since it has a couple pages of tiny collaged photos of the band. I saw no cat sweater. I've only ever seen the cat vest.
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Response by poster: THE CAT VEST!!!!!!
(I was right about it being trés l80s though!)

You don't know what this means to me! Thank you!
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The vest is also featured prominently in the last Queen video
These Are the Days Of Our Lives.
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