Wanted: casual meeting/working venues in central London
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I'm looking for casual working/meeting venues in central London. Ideally near Oxford Circus but other Zone 1 suggestions welcome. Wifi essential and areas for up to 6 people in places like cafes, bars etc.
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I don't know London, but I have experience with coworking. There are a couple coworking options in London with varying prices and offerings.
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A friend of mine swears by The Century Club for business meetings, casual working and so forth in central London.
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I'm after more, er, free (apart from buying drinks and/or food).

I've had good results with hotel lobbies/bars/restaurants in my hometown of Brighton.
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Aha! Currently ensconced in the One Tun on Goodge Street. A lot of Youngs pubs seem to offer free wifi and it's a searchable option on their website.

More options always welcome & I will be looking at the more dedicated options offered above when things become more permanent.
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It's hardly the classiest joint in town, but when I'm down that way I often pop into the cavernous Montague Pike Wetherspoons on Charing Cross road for a pint... or just a quick piss, as the lack of public conveniences in the area is really quite shocking.

Anyway, food and drink are dirt-cheap as you'd expect from a Spoons and the place is absolutely vast so there's always tons of space in the daytime.
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"Montagu Pyke" rather.
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Have you considered the British Library?

A couple of stops on the Victoria Line from Oxford Circus, it has free (if sometimes rather slow) wifi, comfy seats, larger tables, and Peyton and Byrne provide a café and a restaurant sevring more substantial meals. Plus there's a piazza for when it's sunny (not likely for a few more months now, but hey ho).

I spend most days there in the rare books room, but notice more and more people using it as a place to discuss work matter entirely unrelated to the world of academia.
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Oh, and the train from Brighton terminates at St Pancras these days, no? It's right next door.
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Victoria actually but I'm through Kings X a lot.
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I can't remember if they have WiFi (maybe give them a call or drop them an email), but if they do Fleet River Bakery might be just what you're after. Best part is they have some 6-8 person rectangular tables, perfect for scattering laptops and bits of paper.
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